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In-Bay Automatic Car Wash


In-Bay Automatic Car Wash


Express Tunnel Car Wash


Express Tunnel Car Wash


Self Serve Car Wash


Self Serve Car Wash

How WashStar Can Help You

We provide liquidity and partnership solutions to car wash owners

WashStar works with car wash owners across the United States who are looking to sell their car wash, no matter the reason. Are you preparing to retire and ready to liquidate your assets? Have you built your business and are ready to pass the reigns to the next owner? Are you tired of the headaches of upkeep of your site or don’t want to make that next investment for new equipment? New competition coming in that is impacting your market?

Whatever the reason, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges that car wash owners face today. Contact WashStar for a confidential valuation and hassle-free conversation about your options.

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20 years of

Start Your Hassle-Free Conversation Today! We've been in the car wash business for 20 years. We understand your business and will take you through our simple process to valuate your business. Chat with one of our team members and discover your options, whether you're ready today or planning for the future.
Professional Washing and Cleaning of Your Car

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We Buy Car Washes
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About WashStar Capital Partners

Pioneers in the Car Wash Industry

At WashStar we pride ourselves in offering an easy process to sell your car wash. As a leading car wash investor, we take great pleasure in helping owners achieve their professional and personal goals.

Operate with integrity and transparency, and seek alignment with all stakeholders
Be a trusted counterparty by executing decisively, predictably, and nimbly
No broker fee required - we can buy your car wash direct

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Reach out if you’d like to learn more about WashStar Capital Partners, our team or our investment approach.

We're fortunate to have over 20 combined years of experience in the car wash industry and want to share our extensive knowledge with you and your business.

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